Curating health and wellness within the addiction recovery community.

We are here to guide you through your health and wellness journey and we partner with you to get you where you want to be.

Creating the Path to True Wellness.

We are dedicated to bringing your body inline with your mindset to create an equilibrium. Living Well provides comprehensive health services for addiction recovery and wellness house calls.

It is our belief that if we help you feel healthy in every way, there will be less of an incentive to use substances. We are committed to empower our clients with a detailed understanding of their health.

Our goal is to work with each client as an individual to identify their health issues and support them in their journey to true wellness. To achieve this, we conduct comprehensive health and wellness services for patients recovering from addition with attention to the mind, body and spirit.

During a wellness exam, a client can expect us to review:

Any health issues Organ function
Energy levels Hormonal balance
Latent infections
Exercise habits
Current nutrition
Sleep patterns
Hydration levels
Stress management
Sexual health

The data gathered from these exams help us create the tools our clients need to achieve a greater state of wellness.

Benefits to the practice.

We have built a doctor's visit from the ground up centered around the patient with California's best doctors from the comfort of your phone.

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